Local Tours

Craft Activities

There are many activities that can be easily learnt in a short time, or perhaps you just want to watch a craft person at work.  If you want to try your hand at the activities we can teach you, alternatively we can introduce you to our local craftspeople who can demonstrate these village crafts;Chair Knitting in Dipkarpaz 057 Small

  • Basket making
  • Soap making
  • Mud brick making
  • Weaving
  • Spindle spinning
  • Traditional broom tying

Please contact us for more information before you come so we can advise on availability.

Traditional Cooking

12038180 1639031753011956 8683626354984364173 nVisitors can learn by participating in making traditional Cypriot foods and dishes.  From sweets and cakes to makingstuffed vine leaves, if the ingredients are available we can show you how to make it.  Some of the common recipes include:

  • Dolma (stuffed pumpkin flowers, vine leaves, artichoke or tomatoes)
  • Candied fruits and vegetables (watermelon rind, baby aubergine, pumpkin, black walnut)
  • Pilavuna (cheese pastries)
  • Börek (sweet or savoury cheese, fried minced meat or nuts in pastry )
  • Breads (coated in sesame, nigella seeds and fennel seeds or filled with hellim and seasonal vegetables)
  • Sucuk (strings of almonds dipped in thickened grape juice)

Tailor Made Tours

12191792 1649346328647165 6727972701508042983 nSpecial tours can be organized relating to cooking or crafts, these can be individually designed to meet your needs.

Our most popular tour includes cheese and bread making demonstrations performed in an interactive setting.  You can get involved in shaping sesame covered loaves or firing the outdoor village oven and, of course, tasting the cheese and eating the breads that you make!

This 3 - 4 hour long tour is also available for groups and includes a full vegetarian lunch of local Cypriot cuisine at the local restaurant or a picnic served by us under the spreading branches of our mulberry tree.  It can include a short walking tour around the village.  Ideal for a group of friends, an office outing (team bonding) or for travel agents looking for meaningful eco-activities for their clients.


11988286 1652769538304844 5341058739780284077 nEverybody has a budget and we have a wide range of prices to suit everybody.  For example, the cost of the bread and cheese activity tour with lunch at the restaurant mentioned above (2020) is 22 euro/ per person (for a min 10 and max 25 people). 

Alternatively, come along when I'm baking bread to join in.  For five euros each you can have a piece of dough to shape and put in the oven; when it is cooked it is yours and enjoy a drink and a piece of cake!


(Please call or email Lois (Turkish and English spoken) before hand for a reservation on
+90 533 850 5758), as I bake on different days.

Many different activities can be organized!  Just contact us and we will help you find an activity at a price that suits.  We welcome all, from young people to seniors.  Prices can start as low as €5 and many rural activities like olive picking, goat or sheep milking, broom making or other traditional activities can be organized, depending on the season.

Our aim is to help save traditional Cypriot village life as part of the cultural heritage of this island.

Let us be your introduction to the treasure that is rural Cyprus, we are waiting for you here in Büyükkonuk the gateway to the Karpaz.


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