Handicrafts and Village Products

Our premises includes a handicraft shop and Cypriot ethnographic display.  We have items from old kitchens, agricultural equipment, and weaving looms.  Ismail the carpenter makes handicrafts such as spoons, combs, egg cups, wooden toys,  tea light holders, ring boxes, key chains, necklaces and much more all made using recycled woods such as olive, juniper, almond and carob as well as local seeds.

Cold processed 100% olive oil soaps and natural vegetable scrubs which are made on the premises are available for sale and bulk orders for businesses.  Also we have natural grated soap for washing machines or dishwashers.

We have some locally made lace and crochet items for sale, aprons, purses, and gift boxes for everybody.

We also dry and sell selected herbs which we grow ourselves, including bay leaves, rosemary, curry leaves, lemongrass, mint, and different of hot to very hot chillies.  We also sell Meyer lemon gourmet salt.

If you phone in advance we can also supply local village produce such as hellim cheese, paprika paste, zirvania (schnapps), lemonade, carob molasses, almond sesame brittle, pomegranite juice, olives and olive oil.


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