Airports (2)

Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport is served by four airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Atlasjet and Cyprus Turkish Airlines.  There are no direct flights to Ercan, all have a short stop over in Turkey prior to arriving in Cyprus.  Cyprus Turkish Airlines runs chartered flights on a more regular schedule from Stansted, Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester and Heathrow whilst Pegasus run a bi-weekly schedule.


There are two restaurants in the airport that are open all the time.  There is also a small convenience shop in the arrivals area which sells drinks, papers and snacks.


There are a variety of ATM machines in the arrival area of the airport which provide euro, sterling and Turkish lira.

Duty Free

There are two duty free shops, one in the departures lounge and a smaller one in the arrivals lounge.

Customs Allowances

400 cigarettes or 500g smoking tabacco 
150cl alcohol (including spririts, wine, or beer)
100cl perfume

Taxi Transfers

Taxi services are available outside the arrivals area of the airport.

North Cyprus Visa

British passport holders whether residents or not do not at present (2016) need a visa in advance for the north or south of Cyprus.  On arrival you will usually receive a 90 day visa either at Ercan airport or at the boarder if you arrive in Larnaca. 






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