Galifes Guesthouse (2)

In a rustic setting of geraniums and a shady almond tree, Galifes Guesthouse has four rooms which are entered into from a multi-arched stone porch.  One room is a double and three are twin rooms.  This porch is joined to a common living and dining room.  The rooms are all decorated with carved chairs, tables, mirror frames, cupboard doors and shelves in traditional Cypriot designs and motifs, made by the guesthouse hostess herself!  The use of the kitchen, with washing machine, is available on request.  Wheelchair access is available.

The Galifes Guesthouse family also keep a large herd of sheep in a farm on the edge of the village.  They offer guests the opportunity to observe rural tasks, allowing them to join in milking or herding activities.  They also pick figs in the summer and olives in the autumn, visitors are very much welcome to join in.  Bread making or cheese making activities can also be observed.

Room Rates

Rates are 50 euro per room, which have double or twin beds, and includes a substantial breakfast.  Single occupancy rate of 35 euro may be charged for only one person, so please clarify when making a booking.

All rooms are air conditioned and have private bathroom with toilet, sink and shower facilities (no bathtubs).  A small refrigerator and a kettle for making tea/coffee is also included in the rooms.  Extra meals can be arranged with the hosts.  Payment can be made in euro, sterling or with Turkish lira, at the daily exchange rate.  Currently, cards or cheques are not accepted.  Children below 12 are discounted 50% while babies up to two years old are free.

The whole complex can be rented as one unit, for days or weeks, ideal for a tour group or a large family.  Please contact us for special rates.

 Contact: For more information on the dates you are interested in, please email us at



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