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cheese making lessons for tourists MediumBüyükkonuk Eco - Village a gateway to the Karpaz Peninsula

Büyükkonuk village is located at the base of the "panhandle", a long narrow stretch of land pointing eastward into the Mediterranean Sea.  Büyükkonuk's geographical location is truly one of its greatest strengths, as it is situated where the deep blue waters of the Northern coast meet sun drenched beaches before moving swiftly upward to rugged mountainous terrain.  As you climb across the exposed rock spine of the mountains, standing on the Byzantine era Kantara castle walls, your journey is rewarded with a breath taking landscape that includes open fields, farms and villages,  Büyükkonuk is surrounded by lush greenery, olive groves, farm pastures and forests.  Its centuries old, natural watershed preserves the greenery of the village.  Continuing to follow the gentle landscape southward, your eyes will meet the seawaters again providing the sensation that you are truly on top of the world!

Eco - Tourism in a Traditional Cypriot Village Setting

The northern region of Cyprus is known  for its traditional villages, where agricultural cycles still influence day to day life.  Nestled in the foothills of the "Five Finger Mountain" range, the tiny village of Büyükkonuk (Komi Kebir) is a living example of traditional Cypriot life.  Given the diversity of its historic, social, cultural and natural resource assets, Büyükkonuk is registered as part of the "Global Eco-Village Tourism Network".

What is Eco - Tourism

Eco - Tourism  attracts ecologically and socially conscious travelers as it focuses on learning new ways of living without consuming the resources of future generations.  When done properly, eco - tourism enhances the local population's cultural integrity as well as protects the fragile environment in which they live.

Eco - Tourism is defined as "responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people".  Büyükkonuk is one of the most intriguing eco - tourism attractions in the region as it blends natural beauty with local customs, traditions, flora, fauna and historical heritage.  Büyükkonuk citizens support eco - tourism because they realise its environmental, economic and social benefits.


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