Kemal Tunç Statues

The events that escalated in 1963 caused a breakdown in morale amoungst the Turkish Cypriots.  Kemal Tunç was one of the founders of the "İlk Sahne" (First Stage) and also gave the first broadcast from Radio Bayrak in 1964.  Kemal was so inspired by his Mother's birthplace in Büyükkonuk Village that he decided to create the two characters Alliko and Caher to provide entertainment and boost morale for the Turkish Cypriots.

The sketches were written in Cypriot dialect and depicted traditional Cypriot life, traditions and customs.  Broadcasted every Sunday at 11:00 families would gather around the radio to enjoy the interaction between the characters Alliko and Caher.  Alliko and Caher were actually two real life friends who lived in Büyükkonuk, the character Alliko was portrayed by Kemal Tunç and Caher by Dinçer İsmail Aktuğ.  In 1972 the radio broadcast of the sketches was banned so Kemal Tunç decided to set up his own theatre called Altun Sahne there the characters of Alliko and Caher were brought to life once again on stage.  With the help of his friends Kemal put on productions all around Cyprus reaching an audience of around 15,000 people in 1973 the plays ended.

Fond memories of Kemal Tunç, Alliko and Caher remain in the hearts of the locals that were part of history in the 1960s.



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