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A Traditional Village in Cyprus

Get ready to share in the traditional lifestyle of rural Cypriots.  Join spontaneously in village activities and experience firsthand traditional Cypriot life.  Walk with shepherds behind their flocks of fat tailed sheep and take joy in gamboling lambs and the off tune clanking of their neck bells…

Why not try your hand at milking a goat, filling a bucket with warm frothy milk.   Collecting eggs fresh from the nest for your breakfast.  Firing a large village oven to bake sesame covered breads filled with cheese and olives.

Meander in the ancient groves to pick brimming baskets of olives, then pour them into the milling trough under giant stones to extract the golden oil.
Explore earthy tracts between stone walled fields, a landscape that has been unchanged for centuries; don’t be surprised if you come across a rock tomb or shards of broken pottery left from lost civilizations thousands of years old.

Take a leisurely walk through nature’s colourful pallet of yellows, pinks, purples and blues during the wild flower season.  Enjoy the invigorating scent of pine and carob forested foothills, lush green valleys and chequered fields.  The advent of summer turns the vernal grass into "Van Gogh" yellow sheaves that simmer in the white brightness of the Mediterranean sun, an inspiration for artists of all generations.

Partake of healthy village fare, from the simple crust of bread dipped in olive oil to fall-off-the-bone meats of "firin kebab" (which is slow cooked in a clay oven) and the unique delicacy of pumpkin flowers filled with rice and herbs.

Come and visit or stay overnight in Komi Kebir, north Cyprus, the village called ‘the gateway to Karpaz’. 

For the ecologically oriented tourist there’s plenty to see and enjoy.  This part of Cyprus is famous for its natural and manmade landscapes, the biodiversity of the plants and wildlife and its rich cultural heritage.


Büyükkonuk Village

The village of Büyükkonuk (Komi Kebir) nestles on the foothills of the Besparmak (Pentadactylo) Mountain Range at the start of the narrow panhandle of Cyprus. Placed inland, this indigenous eco-village can boast equal proximity to both coastal shores as here Cyprus narrows to only a dozen or so kilometres.  The northern coast is rocky with pebbled beaches while the southern shoreline boasts some of the best sandy beaches in the Mediterranean.

Traditional crops in this agricultural village include olive, carob, wheat, barley and some vegetable farming in watered fields.  Dairy cows, sheep and goats are raised and most households maintain chickens and a household garden.  Forested hills border the village, filling the air with scented pine and wild herbs.  Olive groves and other trees dot the landscape with different shades of green, while orchids and other wildflowers abound in season.

Plenty of field roads and narrow tracks are found on the hills and flats areas and as there is a conspicuous absence of fences the surrounding area is attractive for walking and cycling sports.

Joining in Village Activities

Visitors to Cyrus come for many reasons, for the great weather, wonderful beaches, and good food.  However, recent trends have seen a rise in the number of tourists interested in learning more about the culture and traditions of Cyprus. 

What better way to learn than by joining in eco-village activities where the old traditions and ways are still practiced.

In Buyukkonuk there is something for everyone and every budget.  Many different cooking and craft activities can be organized; just ask us and we will help you find an activity at the price that suits you and your group, from young people to seniors.  Numerous rural activities are available, including olive picking, goat or sheep milking, basket or broom making, spinning wool, collecting eggs and other traditional activities can be organized, depending on availability and the season.

Our aim in Buyukkonuk eco-village is to help save traditional Cypriot village life as part of the cultural heritage of this island.

Let us be your introduction to the treasure that is rural Cyprus, waiting for you here in Karpaz!



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